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Let's build a more welcoming, safe, and just city for all those who call Medford home. 

I’ve spent most of the past decade in Medford. I moved here a decade ago to get my undergraduate degree at Tufts University, and I've been a renter in South Medford since 2017. This community has become precious to me. I’ve made homes in the apartments I’ve rented, and proudly based my art practice and small business here. I love exploring Medford’s neighborhoods, parks and green spaces. 

For as long as I’ve lived here, I’ve felt safe, welcome, and at home. I’m running for City Council to fight for policies that will ensure that everyone who lives here can feel the same way. 


I’m eager to join the City Council to work on housing stability for every neighborhood; to fully support the public schools and ensure sustainable funding for all of our public goods and infrastructure; and to insist on bolder goals on climate change mitigation and resiliency.


These are urgent issues that affect the quality of life of Medford residents, and the future of our community. I will work to make sure our City Council meets these issues with the level of urgency that they require. 

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Photography by Suhayl

  • The housing crisis is at our door. As a renter myself, I understand the insecurity of being on a lease cycle in a city that’s quickly becoming more expensive. In Medford, over 40% of households are renter-occupied; we must act with urgency to ensure that our friends and neighbors are not forced to leave their homes and neighborhoods by rising rents. We need to make bolder goals for affordable housing, pass the Housing Production Plan, establish an Office of Housing Stability, and promote renter protections using the mouthpiece of City Hall.

  • Climate change is a real threat. I’ll work to develop concrete climate change resiliency plans for all neighborhoods in Medford, move up the target for carbon neutrality, and expand incentives for homeowners to reduce the carbon footprint of their properties. 

  • Ensuring a safe and secure Medford for all. I believe that every city in America can, and must, improve how it protects its residents; and that includes Medford. We must invest in alternative crisis response teams, and fully fund the social services that keep our residents safe and well. 

  • Prioritizing our community’s basic needs. People experience food insecurity in Medford every day, and that’s unacceptable. We must mobilize every resource to eradicate hunger in Medford, and make it a clear priority to meet every resident’s basic needs. 

  • A more transparent and representative City Hall. If elected, I will hold myself accountable to centering the perspectives and needs of all those who do not see themselves adequately represented in city government.

  • Sustainable investments in infrastructure. When it comes to our sidewalks and roadways, we need to bring up the baseline. I'll work hard to advance plans to repair our roads and sidewalks, and improve communication from City Hall to residents about what projects are happening and when. We deserve a city that's safe and easy to navigate, whether you walk, bike, roll, or drive. 

I’m running for Medford City Council for the opportunity to create bold, ambitious goals for Medford to uplift and protect its residents – both right now, and for future generations. 

For as long as I’ve lived in Medford, I’ve felt safe and welcome here. Until that’s true for every Medford resident, we have our work cut out for us.

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