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Meet Kit

I'm a working artist, small business owner, and enthusiastic Medford resident. I’ve lived here for most of the past decade – first as a college undergraduate, and now as a renter in South Medford. 

I came to Medford from upstate New York, where I grew up, to attend Tufts University. I graduated with honors in 2015 with a degree in Peace & Justice Studies. Before I transitioned to a full-time art practice, I freelanced while working wage jobs around greater Boston.  

This community is precious to me – but there’s a lot of work that urgently needs doing. I'm running for office so that I can work with the City Council and the people of Medford to ensure a welcoming, safe, and just future for everyone who calls Medford home.

Why me? 

My experience as a renter, a working artist, and a small business owner would bring a needed perspective to the Medford City Council. To make sure that my professional projects get done successfully, I rely on creative problem-solving, wearing many hats, close listening, and effective communication; I’m eager to bring these skills to the City Council. And with over 40% of Medford residents renting their homes, we need more tenants in office. 



I'm grateful for opportunities to volunteer locally and organize with my community. For the past year, I’ve been a volunteer on the Mutual Aid Medford & Somerville (MAMAS) hotline. I also organize with Our Revolution Medford, and I have helped facilitate projects like the Medford Know Your Rights coalition – a project to broadcast protections and resources for renters and small homeowners in and around Medford, in the wake of the ongoing eviction and housing crisis. 

Want to hear more? Please get in touch to set up a virtual or outdoor, socially-distanced conversation. I want to hear about you, your vision for Medford, and what you need from your City Council.

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