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Thank you, Medford!

I am proud, humbled and grateful to have won a second term on Medford City Council with 6,994 votes. Zac Bears and Justin Tseng topped the Council ticket for re-election and our incredible Our Revolution Medford challengers Emily Lazzaro, Anna Callahan and Matt Leming all won their seats.

I am very excited to serve with every member of the incoming Medford City Council. Together I believe we will have an uncommonly productive term of passing the progressive legislation that this community needs, and making Medford an example for how much good we can do when the community comes together to put its values in office.

I am so proud of our Our Revolution Medford comrades on the School Committee for their big wins last night, and send my sincere congratulations to all incoming School Committee members and to the Mayor for her re-election.

A huge thank you to our beloved Nicole Morell for the four years of leadership on our City Council. Nicole's presence has made this body a more civil, compassionate, productive and professional one and I know her influence will be long-lasting. I can't wait to see what she does next for our community.

Thank you so much to my friend Jaclyn Torres Roth for their strong campaign and camaraderie throughout this campaign season – I can't wait to see what Jaclyn does next, and we will always be on your team.

At our election night party on Tuesday, I talked about how getting work done on the local level takes an ecosystem of supporters, collaborators, organizers, agitators, and electeds, inside and outside the official channels, pushing to make our community the supportive, resilient, welcoming, thriving place that all people deserve. Whether you're a voter, a volunteer, a collaborator or a cheerleader, your support and engagement was essential for last night's victory, and it's essential to what we fight for in office. We'll keep fighting for for a public sphere that treats people the way they deserve. Thank you for supporting and I will always seek to work better for you.


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